Blue Flower

    Retail business activities can be successfully automated. The Systems offers a point of sale solution for Retailers, Bar, Cafe, Leisure, Restaurant, Supermarket; General Store and Small Businesses at an affordable cost. The POS Systems includes Cash, Cheque and Credit payment. The POS can process both credit cards and gift cards for quick credit card transactions.Tracking product inventory is made simple with inventory management in the POS Systems. 






  • The POS Run on Windows, WePOS, Linux and Mac OSX.

  • Touch Screen Capabilities and Items displayed with Images to give attractive look and feel.

  • Multiple terminals with Networked system environment.

  • Customers, Products, Inventory and Multi-Location management capability.

  • Cloud hosted database capable multiple Store management.

  • Supported Devices: Barcode scanner, Weighing Scales, Mag Card, Customer Display Multiple Printers.

  • Supports more than 17 languages.

  • Multi User and Role Authentication Admin; Manager; Clerk; Guest Security.

  • Powerful Inventory Management.

  • 42 High Quality Textual and Graphical Reports for Easy Understanding.